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A Monthly Mash-Up of Randomness With Rookie Rise

A Monthly Mash-Up of Randomness With Rookie Rise

Authored By Edgar Mora

It's been an extremely busy month, I haven't even updated the blog! Although the blog has collected a little dust, which I apologize to those following, I did launch the official Rookie Rise Youtube video! If you haven't subscribed, then go do check it out! I'm just trying to help all of you other go getters out. I released our new Rooks and Stripes T-Shirt and Tank and on top of that, I've been printing like a mad man filling all of these orders! With that being said, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.


Yes, the Rookie Rise Youtube channel is up!


I'm always learning. I picked this book up because I always thought Marc Ecko's story was intriguing. It was great to get a true inside look of the struggles that he went through before becoming a mainstream clothing line. This book was worth every cent.


I stopped by my screen printers shop to visit "Cory" and checked on the Rookie Rise products that were bring printed. Seeing the screens with your designs ready to go on the press, is like seeing presents under a tree. This guy is one of the best printers that I've met. 


What's better than seeing your screens on the press? Seeing the finished product!


I take a break every now and then. There's something about coca-cola in a glass bottle.


I always have a t-shirt tossed up on my dashboard. Why? Every impression counts. There's nothing like free advertisement!


A couple of my awesome friends Sarah and Chellsee entered into the Rugged Maniac run. They tore it up like Jean Claude Van Damme in the 90's, while repping the RR logo on their tanks. 


Gotta give this guy props for wearing this tank. This is what happens when girls choose the saying that goes on the shirts... and you happen to be a part of the group.

Props to you, Yura for being a good sport! Haha.


I do some printing myself. First design to hit the press. The Nevermind Rookie Rise Tee. Screens are burned and ready to go.


Getting the screens adjusted.


The finished look.


The little details carry the most voice about your product. This was the design process of creating the woven labels for the hems of the T-shirts. Dream Big!


I have never sewn a day in my life. After my hemtags came in, I bought a sewing machine. I spent about a week learning to sew.

I became a pro at sewing a straight line (high fives to the nearest person) thanks to the experts for sharing their knowledge on youtube.


As you can see, the hemtags give the T-shirt a little more appeal. 


Random pic of a lego statue. I figured I'd share this since my lego game is far from being near this incredible. I'm still waiting to meet someone who claims to be one helluva a lego artist. I'm going to assume that they all live in an underground bunker and only build at night.


I stopped by a local restaurant. Stone Cliff Inn, in Oregon City. One of the best Calamari dishes is served here.


It's been awhile since I headed downtown to hit up Portland's Rose Festival, so I hopped in my car to go check it out.


Tickets... Check. I can't help but think about the movie "Big" When I see booths like these.



Pretty cool airbrush vendor. An airbrush is something that i've been wanting to try. It'll happen, probably not tonight or tomorrow... or this year. But someday.


What's a fair without a Ferris Wheel?


The Funhouse artwall.


This is a game that I can't lose at... The carnie worker kept heckling me to play. Give me the ball and watch what I do with it!


...and I won! Yup... I'll take this guy.


Portland bridges. I have a love hate relationship with them. I wasn't able to merge over prior to this, so I was forced to go over this bridge. An unwanted detour.


A great sunset to end my day. Stay tuned for new blogs, product releases, and sneak peeks. Coming Soon...


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