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Can The Years Go By Any Faster?

Can The Years Go By Any Faster?

Authored By Edgar Mora

It seems the older that I get, the faster that the clock turns. Last year flew by! Crazy to think that Rookie Rise has it's one year anniversary coming up in April. Yes, we are going to party! You can expect a Happy Birthday T-shirt release as well. I couldn't be happier knowing that this the brand has picked up this much momentum in such a short time. I appreciate all of you that take time to stop by the site and those who have been behind the brand showing your support! Here's some pics that break down a little bit of what I've been doing with the line along with some other random things in my day to day. 

3D Rook Crown

I took a crash course in 3D design. 4 hours later I finally created a 3D rook crown that I've been wanting done for a long time. I was going to pay someone but figured I'd give it a shot. If you haven't worked witih 3D design, it has to be one of the most time consuming but fun things that I have done within the design world.

blog crown 3d design

A better view of the RR crown, once it was complete.

Rookie Rise 3D Logo

After getting the hang of 3D design, it only made sense to turn the logo into a 3D model.

blog colorways sweatshirts

I released some new colorways over the holiday. It was time to toss some hot pink in the mix.

blog manda sweatshirt

It's always great seeing friends and fans reppin' "Manda" sent me this of her after snagging the new gray and hot pink hoodie.

blog rise up sweatshirts

Our mascot wearing the newest "Rise Up" crew neck sweatshirt. Check the shop to view more color ways.


Local MMA fighter Michael Collazo with the ring girls after his win at the Roseland in Portland Oregon. Mike's story is inspirational. I look forward to posting it up in a special "Rookie on The Rise" Article. 

marco reppin

My good friend Marco laid down his bike. Rise Up and ride again! Glad that it was just a sling needed for recovery.

slowpitch softball team reppin

A few slowpitch teams contacted me for shirts for their whole team. Lisa the awesome girl on the right sent me this pic. Thanks for thinking to sending a photo back! If there are other softball teams out there, get a hold of me and I'd be glad to work with you on suiting your whole team.

chellsee glasses

A good friend Chellsee sent me this, wearing the "Rookie Vision" Sunglasses. Go follow her on Instagram @Chellseek. I think this girl has more one liners than anyone that I've met. It's pretty much comedy every time she talks.

blog sylvester cool story

Sorry, this picture has no relevance but I thought it was perfectly worded and cracked me up much more than it should've. Figured I'd share it with all of you, Ha!


I hit up the Oregon Zoo for the yearly zoo lights. It was a bit cold, as you can probably already assume. 

Alpenrose Ghost Town

I took a trip out to Alpenrose Dairy. They decorate a ghost town every year. Worth the trip and I recommend viewing this place at night. Lights, who wants to look at lights during the day?

R2D2 xmas

I'm not sure about your city, but here in Portland, Star Wars took over the holiday. Even Alpenrose dairy had Star Wars decorations placed at the entrance. I found R2D2 hiding from the paparazi.

Darth Vader Christmas

...and Darth Vader too. SANTA! I am your FATHER!

christmas family

Taking selfies with my mom and my aunt, at their request. I was a good sport and participated.

Grinch Painting

I painted this grumpy ass dude in 2009. I hang this bad boy every year. 

home alone dessert

Bought these ingredients, inspired by Home Alone when Kevin McCalister is chowing down on a huge bowl of ice cream.

Most artistic

Speaking of where did the time go. Here's a pic from my senior year book that a friend sent to me. I forgot this exisited. I think that paint palette needs a good washing, don't you?

rookie awakens progress 2

The Rookie Awakens tee elements all vectored ready for placement.

rookie awakens progresss

That's a wrap. Now time to send these to the printer.

blog rookie awakesn shirt

Rookie Awakens Tee. These disappeared faster than a bowl of candy left on a door step on Halloween night.

Powerball fail

$1.5B Powerball drawing.

I lost... I don't want to talk about it.

Brett Tachos

Stopped by Tachos restaurant with Brett. This guy will call me at 2am to let me know of an idea that he has for Rookie Rise. I brought him in a few months after launching the line and he's been 100% dedicated to the line ever since. I've met a few determined people in my life, but this guy is on another level of the spectrum.

Car PDX litup

Downtown Portland before sunrise.

Tillikum Bridge Sunrise

Then the sunrise finally showed it's face. These moments always remind me why I don't leave Portland.

blog bree pdx

"Bree" Waiting on her flight back to California, repping the PDX carpet tee.

youtube video green screen

If you follow Rookie Rise on instagram and youtube, you know that there's a Rookie Rise channel, that is now up with an animated character. I'll be going over how to build a brand and helping you other brand owners and future brand owners, how to get your brand off the ground.

YouTube Channel Fox

...So you should go follow the Youtube channel! look it up "ROOKIE RISE" It's really hard to remember!

Freddy Shirt 

I stopped by the my local screen printing supply shop. Christine the lady that runs the shop lit up when she saw me and said "You have to check out this new blister ink!" I can't think of a better design to use that new ink on. I may have to experience with it at some point.

little big burger design wall

Took a break from the daily rush and stopped in at Little Big Burger. This wall caught my eye. A simple and clean design, yet appealing.

Hall of fame design

One of the sweetest swings of all time was inducted into the Hall of Fame. I remember when he came back to Seattle and stepped up to the plate for the first time as a Mariner again. Not a single person was sitting, not ever a mouse. Design in process, a tribute to THE KID.

Saul Paul Kids

Saul Paul. Motivational speaker / Rapper / Singer. If you ever get a chance to sit and talk with this guy, you will be in for a inspirational story. This guy is one hell of a role model.

Saul Paul Performing

Saul doing his thing at a show in Texas.

Indian Food

I discovered indian food. Took my first trip to the Taste of India and I think they put all of India in to this. So... Full...

squat mood 

I had to go work off that indian food. If you are seal walking after the gym, then you are doing it right. This was me for a week and a half after getting my leg day in.


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Your Path

2016 has many new things in store for the brand. The only direction that I have planned for Rookie Rise is to keep moving forward. I hope that the Rookie Rise will encourage you to chase your passion. Tag #RookieRise every chance you get! If you go skydiving, if you are about to play in your first football game, paint your first picture or anything that is a new start for you or even if you are a veteran in what you do! Tag the name! 


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