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Happy New Year! 2015 Means 365 Days Of New Opportunities!

Happy New Year! 2015 Means 365 Days Of New Opportunities!

Authored By Edgar Mora

This time of year brings up an old memory. The time I hit the lottery as a kid. It was a hot summer day and I was craving a slurpee, so I hopped on my bike and rode down to the 7/11 near my house. As I walked towards the slurpee machine, the clerk asked if I liked gum. Like any kid, of course I said "yes." She handed me a paper bag then pointed to a bin full of double bubble gum and told me that it was free that day. I asked her how much I could have. She told me to fill my whole bag up. I didn't hesitate and within a few seconds I had a bag full of gum that would last me a lifetime (not really, but I was pretty loaded). I remember thinking HOLY S$%T! I'm the luckiest kid on earth!



"Me and my motivational reminder who stares at me everyday as a reminder to keep on building."


To this day I always think to myself "what if I never walked through those doors that day?" I would've never realized at such a young age what possibilities were out there by simply opening the right door. This year 2015 has 365 days, filled with new doors of opportunities. We all take some bad roads in life, But we learn to avoid those same deadend paths. Never stop trying new things and creating new paths. You never know when that new unknown road will take you to that door that visioned your life would be. There's a quote that love "Don't live every year the same for 75 years and call that a life!" Go live a little bit and try some new roads!



Since I mentioned slurpee, figured I'd keep this relevant. Vanilla ice is a fan as well I guess, you learn something new everyday.


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