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Limited Edition - New Happy Camper T-Shirt Pre Order Only

Limited Edition - New Happy Camper T-Shirt Pre Order Only

Authored By Edgar Mora

It's here! The first Rookie Rise limited Edition T-shirt. Inspired by the guy who lives in Camp Crystal Lake. Yes, Jason Voorhees! There will only be 30 of these Happy Camper Tees printed... Total!  

I grew up watching a lot of horror movies as a teen. From Friday the 13th to Nightmare on Elm Street. These movies keep the spirit of Halloween alive. To this day I still watch them all, even though they are as cheesy as ever. The youth that lives in me still gets that young again feeling. 



Let's not forget that other than it being one of the most popular horror movies of all time but it was also the hardest damn games to beat! 


To this day when I try to play the NES version, not only is it still tough to beat, but the part where Jason pops out of nowhere... come on, that non sense still makes me jump.






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