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Rookie Rise Clothing Is Finally Ready For Mass Production!

Rookie Rise Clothing Is Finally Ready For Mass Production!

Authored By Edgar Mora

Holy S$%T! This has been one awesome and long process. I've been working on Rookie Rise, day in and day out for about 6 solid months! I don't think that I can remember what 8 hours of sleep feels like anymore. From designing, business setup, networking and keeping up with people that I follow or that follow me, sleep has been the last thing that I have failed to complete on my "to do" list.



With my to do list dwindling, I managed to fit in some sketch time that wasn't Rookie Rise related. This picture also draws a question. What's better, Double Stuffed or plain oreo's?


What many people may not know is, I actually designed this logo in 2009 and launched a brand with it (Not Rookie Rise). I didn't do my research and it backfired on me. A pre-existing brand re-launched their line which had a similar name to mine (I had no idea that they even existed until after they popped back up) I didn't want to be confused with them or vice versa, so I took the high road and pulled my brand from clothing industry. I spent the next couple years restructuring. I finally got back to my feet with a solid foundation to work from. As crazy as it may sound, it took me about 3 months to come up with a new name. I really cared about making this exactly how I visioned it. I didn't want a "born today" brand and rush everything. I wanted the name to represent my life and people like me. If you haven't read the story then I encourage you to do so.



As you can see, there has been some pretty recognizable differences in design within the 5 year split!


I've sampled about 30 different T-shirt styles. I've been sending t-shirt samples to friends, family even the pizza delivery dude. "Hey man thanks for the pizza, do you want a t-shirt?" I wanted a t-shirt that was comfortable with a relaxed fit. I don't like when the neck openings are too wide, I don't like when the sleeves are too short, I'm not a fan when the t-shirt hangs a foot out off my body, and I cannot stand that scratchy feel! I looked at a bunch of reputable brands. I did some digging. After months of sampling, I found just the right fit and feel for Rookie Rise. Quality matters!



Working on the hat line. See??? I have a S&%T load to do!


I'm excited to see how far I can take Rookie Rise. I visioned a brand that brought a community together. Through this positive movement that my story brings to people, I simply want to encourage anybody who has an idea (an idea that isn't destructive!) and let them know that as long as they are dedicated and have a vision, then don't be afraid to start walking down that path to see what it may become. Don't be stuck sitting in a world of regret.


If you are following Rookie Rise, leave a comment or suggestion below this blog. Let me know what you think. What you like or don't like. We can talk about the weather if you want to. Speaking of which, it's a beautiful day in Portland Oregon today!



 Ready to take on the world! Never under estimate an underdog.


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