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Rookie Rise Vs Las Vegas

Rookie Rise Vs Las Vegas

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I took a short business trip to Las Vegas. For those of you that have not been to Vegas, I'll give you a heads up that it's definitely not a place that you go to relax. I fought the crowds, I fought the nights. From people painted head to toe in silver and gold, and ghostbusters roaming the streets. My head was on a swivel the whole time. I don't want to bore you with a ton to read so I'll keep it short. Here's a recap of my trip.


PDX bound

PDX Bound

pdx bound tower

The sun was going down. I was just in time for a sunset flight. The best time to fly!


The Infamous PDX Carpet. The carpet that inspired the Rookie Rise "Porltand Born PDX T-Shirt."

You must take a pic like this when flying to or away from Portland. Tag Rookie Rise if you do ;)

airport terminal

See Ya Portland!


I was flying solo on this trip. I took my seat next to a stranger. I'm not shy at all, I'll talk to a tree if nobody else is around. I ended up chatting with both of the people in my row and quickly became flight buddies with them. "Bree" (The girl on the left) She asked what I was going to Vegas for and I told her mostly business. She quickly replied that she was going for business too. She asked what kind of business and I told her about Rookie Rise. She says "WAIT! What?!" I know a guy who wears that brand! Come to find out he was a good friend of mine. The flight didn't seem so long having good company. It's pretty awesome to see just how small the world is!

flying into vegas

2 hours after being in the air flying from PDX, The Vegas lights illuminated through our window.

moving walkway LAS

Landed and on my way! Yes I'll take a ride on the moving floor. There will be plenty of walking to do once I hit the strip.

taxi ride

I can say that this is one of the longest cab lines that I have ever seen. My first stop... NFL trainer, Travelle Gaines condo.

crazy taxi driver

I apologize for the blurry pic... I had a crazy cab driver. I did chat with him all of the way to Travelle's though.

Random information: he's 63 and happily divorced. He hates the strip but loves life in Vegas.

travelle gaines repping rr

When I got out of the cab I was greeted by this guy. Travelle Gaines. One of the most respected and successful NFL trainers. He also owns a gym "Athletic Gaines" Athletes from all over the country come to this guy. He takes athletes that are already great, and he makes them better. His life accompllishments are pretty impressive. He's made appearances on The Kendra Show, The NFL Network and has worked with tons of high profile athletes like Reggie bush, Brandon Roy, Ryan Matthews, Drew Brees... the list goes on. 

travelle kendra

See... It's Kendra... I'm not making this up. 

travelles gwagon 

We hopped in Travelle's Mercedes G Wagon then hit the strip.

travelle gaines rookierise

After roaming around the strip, Travelle dropped me off at my hotel. Parked and texting... that's how you should do it kids.

the venetian sign 2

The Venetian was my home for the weekend. I can't really explain the elegance of this place. It's simply a place that you need to see to truly realize how much work went into this hotel.

venetian pullingup

Stop and stare... Ok, time to check-in now and check out my room.

my suite

Finally! I can lay down!

my room dim

Once I got to my room, I laid down for a minute thinking that I could sleep but the hunger pains kicked in. I needed to eat!

My brother and sister in-law happened to be down in Vegas the same weekend, so I met up with them and grabbed some food.

burger and beer

First stop was "Burger and Beer"

burger and beer bar

Waiting on my food.

first meal

Yes, Happiness! Once I finished up eating I figured it'd be a good idea to check out the rest of my hotel.

venetian inside

I didn't take a boat ride but dang... who's idea was this? I need to shake his/her hand! "We'll throw a boat ride in the middle of the hotel!" After strolling through The Venetian, I tagged along with my brother to Treasure Island. I am not a gambler at all but I figured I'd toss in a bill and give it a shot. The outcome...

cashout winnings

Cha-Ching! Although I won a few bucks I still wasn't hooked. I was dead tired though so I headed back to my room.

end of the night

Successful night.

venetian pool view from room

The next morning I took a peak out my window to see this. I didn't get a chance to take advantage of the pool but it was definitely tempting.

cool building prop

I hit the strip first thing when I woke up. My brother invited me to go to Old Town Las Vegas to check out The Mob Museum, so I tagged along.

mob museum checkin

Let's do this.

money jacket

Would you wear it?

the mob museumlineup

I made the lineup!

mob museum chalkboard

The gangsters game plan.

the mob museum players

There's images like this all over the place. Lots of history is written on these walls.

mob museum million dollar room

The million dollar room.

mob museum whos got juice 

Who's got juice?

cash register

Slot machines have come a long way.

electric chair 

Don't worry, I survived.


The Mob Museum was a pretty cool spot. I kind of expected more but the air conditioned building was worth the $20 bucks.

old town vegas 

Um... No words for this besides I'm sorry.

old town vegas playing drums

These guys were insanely good bucket drummers. Well deserved tip went their way.

caesars palace statue 

I headed back to the strip after a short visit in old town and headed to Caesars Palace.

caesars palace cool structure

Pretty impressive decor here.

caesars palace gellato

Pistacio gellato?! Take my money!


Craps. Enough said.

elvis in vegas

The King lives on.


A fountain? "Take the pic!"


Everytime that you come to an intersection on Las Vegas Blvd. You have the option of taking the stairs or the escalators.

tram ride

...or every so often, you could take the tram.

the strip

Las Vegas Blvd. Moving along now.

koi lounge

We went to the Koi Lounge for dinner. There's a word for a place like this... Swanky?

koi lounge food

Worth it!

grease game cool

After dinner we checked out some more slots. This was one of the cooler slot machines. "You're the one the one that I want, you're the one that I want ooooh oooh oohhh!"

grease game screen

I didn't play this game but I did press my luck with this one...

Press your luck casino game

It brought back some old memories.

venetian hallway

After walking for a bazillion miles I was exhausted so I headed back to my room. This hallway reminds of the scene from the Titanic right before the water comes crashing down the halls. 

venetian bathroom mirror

What's Up!


Nothing like a $7 Kit Kat bar and a bathtub made for 6 to end the night. I told myself that I wouldn't eat the chocolate that they leave in the room to bait you into spending 700% more than you should've, but I failed and gave in... obviously.

fruit stripes

The next morning I bought a few souveniers. I swiped some of the Best gum ever... for the first 17 seconds at least. Then it's out with the old and in with the new.

walking on the strip


the big chill bar

Cool lighting everywhere.

the chocolate bar 2

Chocolate drinks? Interesting.

strip house

the flinstones casino game

The childhood memories always draw your dollar in. I'm guessing that they have a pretty solid marketing team working for these Casinos.

rockbar and grill

On my way to New York New York to ride the rollercoaster, but first I had to have a stare down with this bull.


Now where the h$%# is this rollercoaster?

roller coaster waiting

Found it! Let's do this!

rookierise rides newyork

Scratch that off the to do list! This rollercoaster has a pretty good drop that I wasn't expecting. Would I recommend it? Heck yeah. This was the end of the line for me though, I had to catch a cab and get back to the airport.

airport windows

Just waiting to board my plane. PDX bound.

portland arrivals

More portland people on my flight. Makes sense.


 What a weekend. Vegas definintely won. I can't think of a more exhausting place that truly does not sleep!

finally home

Back on Portland roads. Vegas, you are mean, loud, bright, classy, trashy. A little bit of everything. One thing is for sure, 3 days in Las Vegas is just enough!




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