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The Answer To Happiness And Success: Optimistic Formulas

The Answer To Happiness And Success: Optimistic Formulas

Authored By Edgar Mora

What if the answer to happiness and success was simply staying optimistic about everything around you? It's extremely hard to do because, the easy way out of any situation is to walk away without resolution or get mad over it. Finding a positive mindset towards negative obstacles that you are faced with in life, is what seperates the ones who succeed and the ones who fail. There's always a solution to every problem. You just need to find that optimistic view or what I like to call it, an "Optimistic Formula" to solve each problem. The more formulas that you can come up with, the easier it'll be to identify and solve each problem.


Being optimistic gave me the courage and belief that I can bulid this brand. Sometimes I think that I might be a little crazy, putting everything I have into this movement and brand. Then I think, I might end up crazier for never trying. Everyday that went by before I started Rookie Rise, I stored this vision of launching my own brand in my head and it drove me crazy! I kept telling myself that I had to get my idea out there. I know that there had to be people like me, who have something worth chasing but lacked the resources or encouragement to do so.


I'm driven by the positive people in my life. I do everything I can to keep a go getter mindset. I watch motivational videos, I read motivational quotes. I even try to come up with quotes myself. I would exchange speeches from youtube with friends. I'd wake with links to motivational speeches, like Eric Thomas and TED Talks, in my inbox. They'd say "Hey check this one out, Have you seen it?!" It's those little things that will build who you are. Being positive takes practice, just like anything that you do. Staying positive can be exhausting at times, but it will get you far. Remember, figure out those "Optimistic Formulas" and start applying them to problems that you face. Hopefully I can inspire someone else with my brand and movement. For those who have an idea, don't let yourself get in the way of your own dreams. Here's a few quotes that I've jotted down during this whole brand building process, to help myself stay on track and true to Rookie Rise.















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