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The Rise Of A Rookie: GaTa The Rapper Talks About Making It In The Music Industry

The Rise Of A Rookie: GaTa The Rapper Talks About Making It In The Music Industry

Authored By Tadd Miller

I met GaTa during a Lil Dicky show a little over a year ago. It was a brief introduction while we were hanging out in the green room. Lil Dicky says "That's my hype man, GaTa. Doesn't he make me look ten times cooler having him next to me!?" GaTa let out a laugh then stood against the wall waiting for his queue to take the stage. Who was this guy exactly, I thought? I found out real quick once he grabbed the mic. The crowd lit up and it was obvious that this guy was good!

 gata and lil dicky

I started keeping up with his music path as him and Lil Dicky blew up all around the country. I got ahold of GaTa and chatted with him for awhile about music and just life in general. He spoke about being a small venue rapper and how he put in the work to make it on the big stages around the country. Relentless hustle and networking with people who are only looking on moving forward in life. You have to lose the distractions, you have to, the ones who have zero to offer. Get rid of the takers. GaTa was in a rap group called "G.E.D" which included another rapper that you may have heard of, Tyga. I told him that we could make some collab shirts. A Rookie Rise / G.E.D collab just seemed to fit. I always tell people that hard work is the only secret to success and that's exactly what G.E.D stood for. (Grind Every day : Gettin' Every Dollar) This is exactly how GaTa was living.

gata collab tee front back

gata on stage

GaTa has committed to living life on the road and flying from venue to venue, making his name glow in the rap game. I wanted to spotlight this guy. It's always cool to hear about someone who is really getting up and going after a goal. I asked GaTa some specific questions to hopefully influence you that are reading this, to go after your purpose. Here's the interview:

Q: How old are you?

A: 30 Years Young

Q: What age did you start to chase after your passion? 

A:18 was the age I started really working on my craft

Q: Who is your inspiration?

A: I am inspired by anybody who had ups and downs and got back up when they were down.

Q: What would you be doing today, if you weren’t chasing this dream?

A: I would be working with computers somewhere or doing something positive that made me happy.

Q: When did you realize that you had something worth pursuing?

A: I realized it once I started traveling the world and people started paying me to appear places. Also, once i started putting out music, I began to collaborate with other artist who were willing to pay me to collaborate with them. Thats when I then knew I had the "it factor" People like what I'm doing so I kept going hard.

Q: What drives you to get up every to rise to the next level? 

A: Hard times in My life motivates me to get up every day and to be a better person and set higher goals for myself.

Q: If you could send a message to everyone what would it be?

A: Just keep doing you and stay positive.

Q: What’s your favorite motivational quote?

A: Every Day above Ground is a Good Day!

Q: What would you tell someone who is reading this right now, who wants to chase a similar dream like the one that you are currently after?

A: Put a lot into it. Work hard and never give up

Q: What are your future plans from here?

A: I plan on touring forever. I plan on putting out more great music and releasing more visuals. I wanna also stay involved with companies that support me and have the same vision that I do. Most importantly I just wanna keep inspiring.

Q: What did you do to become such a standout? Was it a mentor, school, what kind of practice did you do or advice to share to let others know how to pursue this in a similar way?

A: Basically I just lived in my own world and already knew who I was wanna gonna be when I got older and decided to chase My dreams. 

Q: What’s it like taking the stage with thousands of people staring back at you?

A: It’s still surreal. Sometimes I cant believe it

Q: What was the biggest challenge that you crossed, trying to get over that wall of being just a local artist to a national touring artist?

A: Just getting people to listen and pay attention to you. Once you figure out how to connect with the people, it gets easy.

Q: What’d you think of the Rookie Rise brand?

A: Very positive vibes from this brand. Cant wait to see what else y'all drop. Keep up the good work. You got My support


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