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The Rise of A Rookie: Montana Rapper "OverTime" Talks About Rising In The Music Industry

The Rise of A Rookie: Montana Rapper "OverTime" Talks About Rising In The Music Industry

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If you haven't heard of OverTime then let's catch you up. OverTime is proving to be one hell of a music artist. He's putting his name on the map, gaining thousands of followers every month. His hit song "Hunger In My Stomach" Now has over 1,000,000 views on YouTube. I met OverTime when he came through Portland Oregon on tour. We talked about our paths and I dished him some Rookie Rise gear. He was thankful and showed great respect. He returned the favor by tossing us a couple CD's of his newest album 'The Foundation'. I popped it in my car and it's been on repeat ever since. When asked who he sounds like? He has his own unique sound, but if I could compare him to someone it'd actually be what'd you'd expect if Eminem and Yelawolf's vocals collided.

I've been following his music path and it's been remarkable to say the least. He's been gaining thousands of followers across the nation. He is proof that hard work and chasing a dream really comes down to, well... Hard work and chasing your dreams. I had some questions for the Montana artist. Here's what he had to say:

Rookie Rise: How old are you?

A: Entertainer age? Or actual age? Haha...32 in real life, 22 on stage!


Rookie Rise: What age  did you start to chase after your passion?

OverTime: I began pursuing music as a career at 22.


Rookie Rise: Who is your inspiration?

OverTime: Anyone who's ever been afraid to truly say what's on their mind. My family, my parents in particular.


Rookie Rise: What would  you be doing today,  if you weren’t chasing this dream?

OverTime: Bank robberies. Ya, bank robberies in the 1940's! Actually I'd probably be in sales of some sort.


Rookie Rise: When did you realize  that you had something worth pursuing?

OverTime: Right around the time I realized I wasn't a fan of the music on the radio anymore.


Rookie Rise: What drives you to get up every  to rise to the next level?

OverTime: My pride. I've been told I was going to fail too many times in my life. Every day I grind to show the world what I'm made of.


Rookie Rise: If you could send a message to everyone what would  it be?

OverTime: You're the only person who can stop yourself from achieving.


Rookie Rise: What’s your favorite  motivational quote?

OverTime: Be the change you want to see in the world.

Rookie Rise: What would  you tell someone who is reading this right now,  who wants to chase a similar dream like the one  that you are currently  after?

OverTime: If you're a quitter, don't even try it.


Rookie Rise: What are your future plans from here?

OverTime: Grammy's! I truly want to win a Grammy. Not for the prestige of it, but because that is something that nobody can ever take away from you.


Rookie Rise: What did you do to become such a standout? Was it a mentor,  school, what kind of practice did you do or advice to share to let others know how to pursue this in a similar way?

OverTime: I realized that nobody was investing in me because I was still too scared to invest into myself. As soon as I realized what the problem what, I threw all of my money into a pot and went for it!


Rookie Rise: What’s the best part about being up on stage? Thoughts?

OverTime: Complete control. The soap box. The ability to give people a journey through their emotions.


Rookie Rise: What was the biggest challenge that you crossed, trying to get  over that wall of being just a local artist to being seen on a level  that you are able to do shows nationally?

OverTime: People not taking me serious because I'm from Montana. Let's be honest, when you think hip hop, you certainly don't think Montana. So, I had to really play off of the whole Montana thing and be relentless in my promotions until people started giving it a chance.




Want to see more? Here's his links so you can follow OverTime and his rise to success.

Download OverTime's Music at


Instagram @OverTimeMusic

Twitter @OverTimeMusic

Pre-Order His album Johnny Rotten

Listen to his hit song "Hunger In My Stomach" on YouTube


Rise Up OverTime!



zachary reeder
zachary reeder

hey i like your music man dude i need your foundation lyrics

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