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What Is Rookie Rise About?

What Is Rookie Rise About?

Authored By Edgar Mora

“This brand is dedicated to the people who got up after every fall and the ones who pushed through negativity. For the ones who kept going when people told them that they don’t have what it takes. To the ones who were lost, but found the strength to move forward again. To the ones who never gave up on their goals, and the ones who are in pursuit of their dreams. For the rookies who have made it to the top and the ones who are on their way. This brand is for you, for us.” Rookie Rise Founder - Tadd Miller

I grew up drawing and designing my whole life. I didn't have very much encouragement as a kid, but I stayed ambitious. I continued to do what I enjoyed even though I was never told that I had something worth pursuing. I was self motivated knowing that I was getting better every day that I picked up my pen and paper. Although I was becoming a pretty decent artist, my parents never took interest in my work. I quickly learned that in life, When you learn to move forward without a team, you learn more from the failure of trying to play all of the positions. When you don't have anybody to pass the ball to, you never hesitate to take a shot.


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