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When People Doubt What You're Doing. Do It Bigger. Do It For You.

When People Doubt What You're Doing. Do It Bigger. Do It For You.

Authored By Edgar Mora

If there's one thing that can knock a person down, it's having zero support. When you complete something that you're proud of and nobody looks your way, it can be discouraging. Trust me, I was a middle child, I know! I grew older and I was use to the lack of eyes my way. One day I completely stopped worrying if someone would be there for me or not. I knew that I had to live life the way that I had visioned it. I knew I had to keep growing, and in order to do so I had to stop feeling sorry for myself since nobody was there whether my head was down or up. I learned to always walk tall. The one thing that I embedded into my brand is that this brand is there to be a voice for people who are trying to find a path in life and those who have found it. I also jot down phrases that I come up with to keep as a reminder to myself, that this life is an open canvas. We are here to paint it any way that we want. So go paint your canvas and stop worrying about how others view your ideas. At least you are aware that you are able to pick up the brush and paint an original, while many others simply sit back and stare at paintings their whole lives that everyone else painted for them. You got this! Here's a couple quotes that I jotted down. From me to you. Free :D 

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