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You Have A Starter Jacket? You Must Be Rich!

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I was born in the 80's. A time where gas was cheaper than a candy bar, internet was over-shadowed by the newspaper, and the dewey decimal system was our modern day "Google" search. Although the 80's were a blur, the 90's were not. Matter of fact, the 90's were the best times of my life. I saw a lot of trends come and go. Let's not forget the Starter jacket craze! I remember walking into G.I. Joes and seeing a wide selection of Starter jackets hanging high above the checkout counters. Everything would go silent. A golden glow surrounded them. The price was out of reach, so I'd have to walk away empty handed everytime. That $200 price might as well have been a million bucks. I'd never beable to afford one. It was a tough life, walking around as a broke 12 year old.


It was always an awesome feeling seeing someone who actually owned a Starter jacket. I'd think to myself, "They must be rich!"  Remember when your friends showed up wearing one? I do. I'd start to think, "why does he deserve a Starter jacket, but and I don't?" or "I wonder if he'll let me wear it for the day, or even a couple minutes?" Yeah, it was pretty much like that. It's safe to say, Starter Jackets were one of the most desireable products of the 90's. Everyone wanted one, but most of us couldn't afford them.


 I guess what I'm trying to say is

"Who wouldn't want to look like this guy?"


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