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Rookie Rise Got a Facelift | Getting A Website Facelife is Painful!

Rookie Rise Got a Facelift | Getting A Website Facelife is Painful!

Authored By Tadd Miller

Painful? A website facelift? How so? Let me explain: We stayed up until our eyes collapsed, we turned down going out on the weekends and our heads hurt from exhausting our brains. On top of that, our site was down for over a week while we migrated all of the data. That's what we mean by painful but it all paid off.

As I worked on migrating the data and getting the design laid out, Jeremy was plugging away at the content for our products. We took a quick break to get some food at a nice spot called "Jefe" in Lake Oswego Oregon.

Edgar (left) Jeremy (right)

What I've learned during all of this, it's not just the brand that makes this all worth it. The pay off is in the people. We have awesome customers and meeting new people everyday who take interest in the brand is priceless. On top of that, these two guys have visions that all align with what this brand is made of. They get it, they don't need to be pointed in any direction to get things done, they just make it happen and that's hard to find.

I'm fading as I type this but I can proudly say, we get to sleep finally. I hope you like the site. Enjoy your shopping experience here at Rookie Rise. Oh yeah, signup for our newsletter to receive a special discount!


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