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The Rise Of A Rookie: Professional Boxer Victor Morales Jr. Talks About His Rise In Boxing

The Rise Of A Rookie: Professional Boxer Victor Morales Jr. Talks About His Rise In Boxing

Authored By Tadd Miller

Imagine going pro in a sport, that's a big deal right? But imagine going pro and defeating every opponent that you have faced! That's exactly what professional boxer Victor "El Tornado" Morales Jr. has done so far. He is currently 8-0 and on his way to stardom. Victor is quickly climbing the ladder to become one of the next boxing icons. When you mention his name, people have nothing but respect for the kid. Respect for what he does in the ring and out of the ring. He has a humbling attitude but also a drive to win that is unmatched. On May 19th, Victor will be entering the ring for his 9th pro fight which will be televised on Showtime. 

We drove out to meet Victor and his family to deliver his Rookie Rise gear. His father, Victor Morales has managed Victor Jr. and his brothers since day one. His mother is also a boxing official. There's a family connection that can't be torn. After speaking with Victor and his father, it was obvious that their tight bond is what carries them to the next level. It was inspiring to hear how committed they are to the sport and the loyalty that they have within their boxing family. I asked Victor some questions about his journey in boxing to give others insight on what's inside the mind of a boxer who is quickly becoming well known. Here's what he had to say.

Rookie Rise: How old are you?

Victor: I am 20 years old


Rookie Rise: What age did you start boxing?

Victor: I started boxing at the age of 7


Rookie Rise: Who is your inspiration?

Victor: My family is my inspiration.


Rookie Rise: What would you be doing today, if you weren’t chasing this dream?

Victor: I would be going to school to become a Real Estate Agent


Rookie Rise: When did you realize that you had something worth pursuing?

Victor: I realized I was pursuing the right career when I realized how natural I was at boxing and how much it changed my life. Thats when i knew this was the career I wanted to have.


Rookie Rise: What drives you to get up every to rise to the next level?

Victor: I have dreams to become a world champion and bring prime time professional boxing to the Pacific Northwest. Especially Portland. That’s what drives me every day to push harder.


Rookie Rise: If you could send a message to everyone what would it be?

Victor: Follow your dreams. Never settle for average. You can be anything you want in this world if you put your mind to it and work as hard as you can. If someone doubts you, use that as motivation to make sure you succeed in whatever you want to do. NOTHING is impossible.


Rookie Rise: What’s your favorite motivational quote?

Victor: You can’t have a million-dollar dream with a minimum-wage work ethic.


Rookie Rise: What are your future plans from here?

Victor: I plan to continue to work towards a world championship and bringing boxing to Portland.


Rookie Rise: What was the most beneficial part of your journey that brought you to this level?

Victor: The experience you get from fighting the best of the best. It shows you where you are and what to work on to pass the top people


Rookie Rise: What’s it like taking the ring as a professional boxer?

Victor: Going to the ring as a professional boxer is one of the best feelings in the world. Being the center of attention, all eyes on you and hearing people yelling your name and chanting. It’s truly a blessing.


Rookie Rise: What was the biggest challenge that you crossed, from being an amateur to transitioning to a professional boxer?

Victor: Not much changes except no head gear, no jersey, and smaller gloves. There aren’t really any challenges in the transition.


Rookie Rise: What would you tell someone who is reading this right now, who wants to chase a similar dream like the one that you are currently after?

Victor: Work, work, work. It takes a lot of work, not just physically but mentally as well.

Victor and his hardware. He was 1 month away from going into the olympics, which he wanted to do before going pro but they changed the age requirement. He signed and went pro since the new age requirement prevented him from entering the 2016 olympics. 

Victor repping our Rookie Rise - Rook Face Tee.

A group Rookie Rise Pose. Point your arms to the sky!

...and of course we had to get a boxing pose in there too.

Tune in to showtime on May 19th and watch Victor defend his 8-0 record!

Good Luck Victor! Thanks for repping the brand and becoming a Rookie Rise Sponsored athlete! Rise Up!



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