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A Trip To Rip City Grill

A Trip To Rip City Grill

Authored By Edgar Mora

If you weren't aware, Facebook went down today. While everyone was in a panic at work, I decided to grab some lunch. It's not easy choosing a single spot to eat here in Portland Oregon. We are pretty spoiled with great food all around us. There is a place that you can go though, which allows you to taste a bit of heaven. It's called Rip City Grill. Since Rip City Grill wasn't far away, I decided to brave the lunch time traffic downtown to get my RCG fix!




As expected, traffic sucked! But I had one thing in mind! "Tri Tip Steak Sandwich!"




It's hard to pass up a picture perfect view of our rose city. With summer nearing to an end. These blue skies will be in hibernation mode, while the fall and winter curse us with grey skies until spring. Enough of that though, back on track to Rip City!




AHHHH More Traffic! I just want to get food!




Finally I made it. You are probably thinking "That's it?" Yeup! Don't let this small cart fool you, it's filled with big flavor!




RCG cart has art work representing our city!




If you come here, the first item on the menu is a must have. I haven't bothered to try anything else, besides the tri tip steak sandwich. But i'm sure it's all good.




After you choose your sandwich, you can pick a style. I always go with the El Caliente! I love spicey food. To have this coated with jalapenos, sauteed onions and pepperjack cheese... it just adds more icing to the cake!




 Finally, I make it to the window and Clint (The man, the myth, the legend) greets me. Clint owns and runs this cart by himself. If you happen to get here without a crowd, consider yourself lucky. He's constantly slammed with orders. You have to give this guy credit for all of his hard work, handling the people of portland daily. I grabbed my tri-tip steak sandwich and I headed back to the office.




Once I got back to my desk, I was anxious to unwrap this piece of greatness. Taking this picture was really hard to do as I continued to drool and shake in excitement.




Finally, the hunger cure was about to end!




I got to this point and a tear fell from my eye, I thought to myself "I'm going to miss you when you're gone!" I should've ordered 2 :(




 After I finished my tri tip sandwich, Reality kicked back in. Rip City Grill hit the spot. Now that I was full and happy, I went to work on Rookie Rise. I finished sketching out a new design.




I'm about to vectorize this picture, so i'm going to have to say good bye for now. Oh yeah, I hope you all got by just fine while facebook was down.





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