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Halloween Without A Pumpkin? NEVER!!!

Halloween Without A Pumpkin? NEVER!!!

Authored By Edgar Mora

It's that time of year again, where slasher movies saturate every channel and candy is advertised down every grocery store isle. Yes, Halloween is approaching! It's also that time of year to go get a pumpkin. This year i'll test out my carving skills. I"m going to carve the Rookie Rise "Rook-A-Lantern" design. Check it out and download it for free! ROOK-A-LANTERN DOWNLOAD. As a kid, I didn't really care how round my pumpkin was, or if it had a stem or not. I just wanted one that made me grunt and turn beat red when I attempted to pick it up. I wanted a pumpkin that you could see from space. Now that I'm older that isn't the case anymore. I'm always in search of quality over quantity. This time I'll be looking for a round pumpkin, with a stem that's built like steel. Because lets face it, the stem can either make or break your pumpkin carving experience. I use to hate carving out the top of a pumpkin that was stemless, only to have it nearly impossible to pull off. You'd have to use a plunger and 3 bottles of super glue attached to a doorknob just to get it out!




The Rook-A-Lantern Design


I hopped in my car and headed to Lee Farms in Tualatin Oregon. On an unrelated note, I'm pretty sure every CEO in Oregon, lives in the city of Tualatin  (Every house is huge!) I arrived at Lee Farms. Now that I think about it, the whole pumpkin patch trip is kind of funny. People will load up their vehicles with 20 people and drive an hour or more, just to buy an orange vegetable. Of course our minds don't process it like that. We visualize a ghoulish door step prop, along with a night of family time togetherness.


Put on your sundays best kids! We're going to SEARS THE PUMPKIN PATCH!




Everytime that I go to the pumpkin patch, I find myself taking more time to check out all of the farm festivities than actually looking for a pumpkin. Check out these chicks that I saw running around naked.







It's not everyday that you see goats and cows, feasting on a cob of corn together.

There's that togetherness again.




No matter how old I get, it's always tempting to stick my head through the faces of these.




My mind was telling me no, but my taste buds were telling me yes! It's impossilbe to pass up the food stands.




This is a Louisiana Hot Dog. Enough of that hype... Moving on.




Time to go get my pumpkin and call it a day.




The farmers rejects, although the white ones are pretty cool.




Ah Ha! I found it! It was just sitting there, with a halo hovering above it.


Now that my mission was complete, I headed home. I haven't carved my pumpkin yet, I plan to carve it out sometime this week. I'll post some pics via instagram or on the Rookie Rise facebook page once it's done #rookierise




I spent the rest of my night watching Nightmare on Elm Street. Gotta love comedies!




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