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If You Build It They Will Come

If You Build It They Will Come

Authored By Edgar Mora

Next to the movie "the sandlot" I would have to say that Kevin Costner's hit film "Field Of Dreams" was one of my favorite movies. I know, this doesn't have anthing to do with Rookie Rise... right? Well it actually has a lot to do with it. If you weren't a fan of the movie, there's no denying the fact that there is a line in the movie that has stuck with you since the day that you saw it. It was only mentioned 80 times in the film (Not a fact, just an exaggerated guess) Now that I brought that number up, it's going to bother me so i'll have to google it. Anyway, this was a phrase that has stuck with me most of my life. That phrase stormed my head daily as I spent many dreadful years working at a job instead of going after something that I was passionate about. That phrase acted as that good angel on my shoulder saying "you got this!" It's true that your own worst enemy is yourself. I spent years convinced that the grass wasn't greener on the other side and the job that I had was hard to beat. At the same time, I wanted to see that other grass and prove myself wrong! I found myself stepping back everytime I was about to jump. I kept asking myself "What if I do this? Will it be successful? Am I kidding myself? That phrase was in a movie, who am I fooling... It was Hollywood pushing false hope into the viewers, Right?" 10 years later I finally jumped!


It's been pretty awesome introducing this brand to the public. I've met some awesome people along with some loyal fans and followers. I spend a lot of time chatting with people who follow Rookie Rise. I think it's cool to interact and give respect to the people who can relate to Rookie Rise. I can definitely vouch for the phrase "If You Build It, They Will Come" Works in that way. I get daily emails and social media comments. Here's just a few followers proving that if you build it they will, indeed come.




Damian Lillard's brother, Houston Lillard took interest in Rookie Rise and he'll be getting his T-shirts anyday now!




Rookie Rise was built on the concept that we can become great in anything that we start. whether it's gaming, sports, technology etc. I'm on a mission to provide support through my designs. Wonder Woman got ahold of me and with her story and rise to success in the stock car world, I had to support her dedication and drive! (no pun intended!)



Machine Gun Kelly's Drummer. I'm a huge fan of MGK's music. It was pretty awesome to get Rook interested in the brand.




SINFULLYRIDDLING is an avid Gamer who has over 30,000+ followers and growing. Also check out her youtube channel if you get a chance. She is now rocking our Arcade King T-shirt!




Tommcmaster1 sent this drawing. Although the marijuana craze is on the edge, I told him i'd toss it up. It's always cool to see people adding some twists to the Rookie Rise logo.




People like Isabel, re-insures why I keep doing this. The fact that Rookie Rise might be able to make a difference within this community, makes this journey worth it. I think we'd have a lot more successful people if we continue to encourage eachother, instead of beating each other down. Thanks Isabel, your'e an awesome fan!




Kevin hit me up on instagram. I posted a picture of Bart Simpson, a glass of milk and Oreo cookies in a pic. He quickly tagged me in another post of some red velvet Oreo's that were released. From then on he's been following Rookie Rise and we continue to chat back in fourth, and it usually has to do with new Oreo cookies that are going to be released or that were just released. He's also a huge Lacrosse guru which I failed to play since my highschool at the time was not on that bandwagon. It's always cool having fans who are there to chat it up with about random things. I still have not tried the red velvet Oreo's. I feel as if I'm now failing Kevin.






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