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If you are going to start a brand, it has to be your 3rd arm and a dominant arm at that. It's the arm that you open doors with. Don't give up on it, because eventually with all of your dedication and hard work, that arm will open the right door and you'll be glad that you started this awesome journey in the clothing business!

I never thought I'd actually be offering a brand consulting service, but then again I never thought that my brand would take off like this either. Did I vision that it would? Of course I did, but in more of a dream-like fashion. That's why we start right? We want our art to be seen, our ideas and story to be heard. When I look back on all of the struggles that I faced, and there were a lot of them. I always think about how much further ahead that I would have been if someone was there to guide me. Branding takes a ton of work and tons of time! I've seen and heard of a lot of clothing lines enter the fashion market and fail within months due to poor planning, lack of dedication and lack of patience. Don't be that brand!

I've been studying the clothing market for over 6 years. I've seen a ton of "born today" brands. You know, the brands where 8 friends start a brand and toss everything together within a day and launch it? Don't be that brand! Building a brand takes a lot of planning. I put every bit of knowledge that I had into Rookie Rise. I strategically thought out every step 5 times before making a move. If you are interested, I can call you and consult with you about your line and boost your progress. I'll also go through your site and point out all pros and cons after the call and i'll email you a list of things that you can do to improve your site.

I didn't have a mentor or any direct support at all as I built Rookie Rise, so I'm offering to help others that were like me starting off in this business. My time is limited and sporadic, but if you are interested, we can schedule a time to talk and get your line off the ground!

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