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New Tee Release! "Motivated On Another Level Of Crazy"

New Tee Release! "Motivated On Another Level Of Crazy"

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People ask me, how do you do it? How do you work that much and stay up that late while waking up that early? I'm motivated. "Nah man, You're crazy!" Yeah, I am a bit crazy. I believe you have to be a little crazy to drop all fear behind and jump for something that you vision without knowing whether you'll crash or land safe. This shirt, THIS BRAND represents us motivated people. Crazy motivated, as in nobody can relate to your level of motivation. Where people think you're crazy because of the things that you do to climb to the next level, because you're in so deep that nothing can pull you away from it... Crazy.



What do you think, should an inverted look of this design happen?

I couldn't think of a better crazy representation other than the INK BLOT TEST that symbolizes crazy. Also known as the "Rorschach" test. How many other Crazy motivated people are out there?

The Ink Blog Test T-Shirt is available Now Click Here!



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