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Professional Rapper Lil Dicky Meets Rookie Rise

Professional Rapper Lil Dicky Meets Rookie Rise

Authored By Tadd Miller

A couple years ago I was at a party when my brother in-law pulled out his phone and asked me "have you ever heard of Lil Dicky?" I was a little put off by the name. I was like who the hell calls themselves Lil Dicky? My brother in-law insisted that I listen to one of "LD's" songs. He showed me a music video called "Ex-Boyfriend" I started to laugh as I listened to this guys lyrics. The video was hilarious. I realized that this Lil Dicky guy was actually a good rapper, really good! Although his rap name will make anyone raise their eyebrows, his story is truly inspirational. It's hard to let his name discredit his talent and motivation. I was inspired seeing this guy stay so persistent. His comical personality grew on me. I thought it'd be awesome to hang out with this guy! (but of course, it'll never happen)



screenshot from Lil Dicky's first music video that launched his career "Ex-Boyfriend"


Fast forward to a month ago. I was on Instagram when one of LD's posts shows up in my news feed. He announced his official "Professional Rapper Tour!" I checked the tour locations and dates. He was booked to do a show right here in Portland Oregon, my hometown! What are the odds? I messaged him, asking if he'd check out my brand since it's a perfect representation of people just like him. I got a reply from LD's manager. We chatted a little bit on the phone, then he told me that he'll see if LD would be willing to meet up and hear my story. He got back to me later that day and told me to come to the venue a couple hours early to meet up with LD.


The day of the concert, I grabbed some Rookie Rise logo tees. I headed out to pick up my good friend Ricky.



 Rookie Rise Logo Tees ready to go!




Ricky has been a great help with Rookie Rise. It's tough to find highly motivated people like him, who believe in what you are doing.




I picked Ricky up, then we made our way to the venue. The concert was at The Roseland Theater in the heart of Portland Oregon.




When we arrived, there were 2 lines stretched out to both ends of the Venue. I messaged LD's manager, Mike. I said there's a long line, but we are here. He told us not to worry about the line, he'd come and get us. Sure enough, he marched us around to the back of the building, avoiding the line and led us into the stage area where LD was taking time to meet his fans. Once LD's meet and greet was over, Mike introduced us to him. LD said "Oh yeah, Rookie Rise! Let's go to my room so we can chat and hangout for a bit." I didn't expect that at all, but of course we followed LD.




LD was funny, down to earth and interested in sharing his story and listening to ours. I told him about Rookie Rise and he was completely on board with it. I pulled out some tees for him and his crew. LD says "I love the logo" I explained why the logo was designed the way that it is. He said "I'm going to wear this right now!" We snapped some pics, his DJ put his RR shirt on as well. His whole crew loved the look and feel of the shirts. That was a pretty awesome feeling hearing the nice remarks. His manager comes in and tells LD it's time to take the stage. We wished him luck and Ricky and I headed back into venue. LD's DJ (DJ Omega) Comes out still wearing his Rookie Rise T-shirt and starts getting the crowd ready for the show.




Once LD took the stage, the entertainment didn't stop until he called it a night. His concert was unlike any concert that i've been to before. His newest hit song "Lemme Freak" really got the crowd going. If you search videos of his concert then you'll see why. It was a surreal night to say the least. LD is a true image of what Rookie Rise stands for. The ones who pursue their dreams no matter what gets in their way.




After the concert I dropped Ricky off at his house then I grabbed my fourth meal. I'm stoked to know that Lil Dicky is now a Rookie Rise fan. It was a successful night.



As Ice Cube would say "Today was a good day!"




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