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Rookie On The Rise: Chasing The Paralympics With Jason Rodie

Rookie On The Rise: Chasing The Paralympics With Jason Rodie

Authored By Edgar Mora

Meet Jason Rodie. A hopefull for the paralympics 2016 in Brazil, representing the United States. Jason contacted me through facebook while I was working on Rookie Rise. I didn't have a website up, all that I had was a facebook page and that's where we met. He said he loved what the brand stood for. I thanked him for his interest and we started talking. He told me that he has cerebral palsy and he's going to show other people with this condition that anything is possible. I wasn't familiar with "CP" as he always abbreviates it. I asked what Cerebral Palsy was? He said "It's like this. Imagine having to tell your brain that you need to move the left side of the body. Not only do you have to tell it to move, but you have to continuously think about it and train it. It's not easy but I'm not going to let it stop me from doing this. I want other people to know that overcoming this is possible. You can walkand function as long as you tell yourself that you can! I'm going to long jump. Whether I qualify or not, this is for everyone with CP that's watching" I was instantly intrigued by Jason's motivation and persistence. I have been following his journey ever since.


This is exactly why Rookie Rise exist. It's because of people like Jason. For the ones who are in the shadows, but are doing bright and awesome things. I asked Jason a few questions to hopefully inspire others out there. Here's what he had to day.


Q: How old are you?

A: I'll be 35 this Saturday.


Q: What age did you start chasing your passion?

A: I was 26 when I started going after my purpose


Q: Who is your inspiration?

A: I have many inspirations. My father, My Queen B, My Kids, Just to name a few.


Q: What would you be doing today, if you weren’t chasing this dream?

A: I don't understand what you mean? I mean, I don't know what else to do besides go after my dreams.


Q: When did you realize that you had something worth pursuing?

A: One day at the physical training clinic that I go to, a young boy with Cerebral palsy looked up at me without saying a word. He just stared at me. It was a look of possibility and hope. He had a walker, but he and I knew that he could break free of it. He started working hard with great success and one day he finally broke free of his walker! That was the moment that I knew I had to purse this. It was the greatest feeling being someones inspiration.


Q: What drives you to get up every to rise to the next level? 

A: I have to say at times, It's somewhat of an ego thing, and I mean that in the most humbling way. Also, just to simply show everyone else that I can do this. Other times I think that possibly, people will hear my story and relate to my life. I want them to see my hard work and hopefully inspire someone else. I must keep pushing myself even when my body doesn't want to. 


Q: If you could send a message to everyone what would it be?

A: If you believe that something is possible for you, then it is. No matter what happens in life, no matter the situation, no matter the cards you're dealt. You can turn anything around to make it a positive.


Q: What’s your favorite motivational quote?

A: It's so hard to narrow it down to one. But i'd have to say this is the one.

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." -Thomas A. Edison


Q: What would you tell someone who is reading this right now, who wants to chase a similar dream like the one that you are currently after?

A: There would be so much that I would want to tell them. I would tell them that no matter what they vision their jouney to be, there will be some ugly and hard times. Be open, the path getting there will look differently then expected. Stay focused on the end result. Never ever give up. There will be so many people who will tell you no, and a lot of closed doors. The best advice that I can give you is, when you want to quit just go one more day.


Q: Have you reached the ceiling or is your goal a ladder that doesn’t end?

 A: I don't think I'll ever reach a ceiling, there is always something more that I can do to better myself or others. I plan to train hard in the off season. I want to get some more sponsors under Team Rodie so that I can get to all my events next year and qualify. I need to make the neccessary moves to make the USA Paralympic Team. I will also be launching my website and working towards getting my book, documentary, and other sources out there in hopes to inspire and impact other people.


Q: Describe Rookie Rise, how does it apply to you and what you are doing?

A: Rookie Rise doesn't apply as much as its simply is me. I have fallen many times, yet I stand stronger then ever. I'll fall again, and I will fail as well. This is fine with me because it will build me as I learn from my mistakes. There are times where you are alone in life, where its just you. So remember that you are the only one that can make the changes in your life to reach your goals and dreams. So go get it! I AM ROOKIE RISE



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