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Winter Is Coming. Time To Bring In The Christmas Spirit.

Winter Is Coming. Time To Bring In The Christmas Spirit.

Authored By Tadd Miller

I've always liked this time of the year. Houses are decked out with lights and those crisp cool clear nights are a bit tough to beat. I like my summer nights and palm trees just as much but you know what I mean, it's just a bit different. One of the best reasons that I like the holiday season is because of the movies that help spark the spirit. From Home Alone to the Grinch, it all helps bring in that Christmas awesomeness <---Is that even a word? Of course I can't forget to watch Christmas Story and National Lampoon's Chistmas vacation. "S#$%er's Full!" With the Christmas spirit in the air it only felt right to design around the holiday. Here's a little sneak peak of what I've been working on this season.

holiday mascot1

This guy will be hitting the site soon. I have a few more additions to add to him but so far he's coming out pretty spot on to how I visioned him to look. 

holiday mascot2

It's pretty tough to pull off lime green pants. I don't think blue jeans would have screamed complete as much as the green jeans though. 


Can you guess what this one is going to be? It just might be something that your grandma could create for you too :D


Creating an ugly sweater design takes a lot of time. I have to add a lot more to this still, I'll be working on this design over the weekend and it'll be available at the same time as the christmas mascot that's shown above.

wheel of fortune

Since I'm on the topic of winter and the holidays, here's a quick story for you. It was 1995 and Nintendo 64's were the talk of the town, every town, across the world. It was said to be the biggest revolutionary gaming console ever! I must have this thing! I acted my best, I elaborated the importance to my parents of having such a badass piece of machinery to fit in with the rest of the world. The realistic waves that had us all in a gaze when seeing the demo of Wave Race 64 explode across our CRT television sets. Super Mario 64 would be burned into our eyes forever, making the desire to own this new console an absolute F$%KING MUST! Long story short, after all of this excitement and hope that I'd be opening the Ferarri of gaming systems on the morning of Christmas, I was presented with this Wheel of Fortune hand held game instead. Have you hid a candy bar that you saved just for yourself, so that when your sweet tooth starts begging for it, it'd be there to take care of the urge? Then once you opened the cupboard and moved that 3 year old can of tomato paste to unveil that chocolatey goodness, you quickly learned that someone found your hiding spot? The feeling of not getting a Nintendo 64 for christmas was something like that, except about 37 times worst. We all did the walk of shame after returning to school after Christmas break, while our envy and jealously was written upon our faces towards the lucky kids who got their wish. Anyway, as I was searching google I found this pic, so I figured I'd share this disapointment with you. I'm sure many of you can relate.

my desk scentsy

I stopped by a friends house to drop off some Rookie Rise shirts that he ordered for a slowpitch tournament. His wife was there who's also a Scensty rep, so I asked what she had available. She said that they have scents for guys. I had to support those who support me. SOLD! I now have a scentsy warmer that makes my whole house smell like cabin by the beach that's coated with vanilla and coconut. Pretty much the best smelling work space that a person can experience.

hoodie blue

Meanwhile back at the print shop, we've been working on new colorways for the the Rooked Life hoodies. These hoodies are one of the softest garments that I've worked with. It's like being wrapped up in a cloud. Warning: People may start to pet you while wearing it.

Beanies blue pink 

We released a couple other products to go with the hoodies. New Oasis blue and Hot pink solid rook beanies. Keep your head warm while keeping your style icy. <----Lame I know, but it's the only word that I can think of to stay relevant with winter. 

 bulk of beanies

A couple more colors that just came out. Which one is your favorite?

small logo hoodie

Sometimes you just need to be low key and keep it simple. New hoodies will be hitting the shop soon!


Some people never grow up and I love it. Ha!

Jeremy porch

This guy right here, Mr. jeremy Fogoros has been pushing RR to the max. If there isn't anyone around to talk to, you can find him talking to a tree. A social life is something that he doesn't fall short on. Glad to have this guy aboard and helping with RR. He lives, breathes and eats it. Fun fact: He likes long walks on the train tracks and enjoys drinking Full Throttle Energy drinks. The first part may or may not be true.

rook necklaces

Did you get your Rook pendant necklace yet? Keep a reminder on you at all times to get up and live your purpose!


When we print test runs of different color ways, sometimes we surprise people with a chance to snag them before they are available for sale on the site. A fitting color for winter I think. Would you wear it?

rook cave man cave

I've been working on getting my new work room put together. A place for the guys and gals to get together and create. It has a ways to go but it'll be nice to have another room to brainstorm the future of RR. If anyone wants to stop by you are more than welcome to. You can find me in here knocking out every character on Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, including Mike Tyson himself.

waiting at PIR

I took a small break from the design life and ventured off to check out the Christmas festivities that Portland Oregon has to offer. I decided to go check out the lights at PIR - Portland International Raceway. I've been visiting this place since I was a kid. I've never had to wait in a line that was a mile long before though, but now I can say I have. It's Not a notch in the belt i'm proud of but it's a notch. The one that isn't reachable with that little belt needle pokey thing because you've been off your diet for a year. That's the notch i'm talking about.

PIR Food

After checking out the lights, I stopped by my old stomping grounds, La Caretta's restaurant. Thanks to the crappy iPhone 6 camera's night time / low light capabilities, this is the only image that I have to offer you. I use to come here when all of my friends were in college. They'd frequent this spot bringing in new people to link up with. Although I didn't attend college because I was busy changing tires at the time, I never turned down an invite to come here and grab a couple La Casuela bowls to enjoy the perks of being 21.

convention center 

I took a stroll through the Portland convention center. This was about as exciting as it gets. That ball swings back and forth. "You know what Bob... We need to install a $50,000 ball swingy thing. Poeple will flock to this place if we do" 

sunset rook

A cold clear fall drive. I caught a pretty cool sunset as I was heading home. Home is where I design, decompress and bring more life to Rookie Rise which is right where I am typing this. Feel free to send pics and stories to and I'd be happy to post them up in future blogs and entertain any other emails that come my way! Keep pushing to live out your desires! Rise Up, Rooks!


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