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Building Rookie Rise Clothing: Part 1

Building Rookie Rise Clothing: Part 1

Authored By Edgar Mora

Rookie Rise is still being developed, but I figured that I'd document the process of building this brand. There are tons of people that take their great ideas to the grave. I hope to inspire people through Rookie Rise, and I truly believe that if we can all pay it forward, then more people will take the risk to bring their idea or ideas to life. There's noting better then hearing about someone who is chasing their dreams. I'm going to pay it forward by sharing the tips that I've learned along the way while building Rookie Rise. I'll try to mention the Do's and more especially the DO NOTS! Here's the first 3 major things to focus on when creating your brand.


  • Brand Name and Concept: Your concept will make or break your brand. Lets say that you create a brand about surfing. If you live in Idaho where you are far away from the surfing community and on top of that, you've never surfed at all, then you may have a tough time reaching the crowd that you're looking to draw attention to. Find something that you are truly passionate about or something that applies to your life. You want to build a movement through your brand, a concept that people can relate to.


  • Logo Design: Is your logo interesting? does it draw peoples attention? Does the logo apply to the concept and logo? It's hard to grab the audiences attention if your logo makes no sense at all. For example, if your brands name is "surf kings"  but your logo is a dog wearing a cape, you may have a hard time capturing your audience, unless there's a good story behind it. By all means, design any logo that you want. Just keep in mind, It's easier to get traffic into a cafe with an image of a coffee cup in the window rather than an elephant in the window.


  • Mission Statement: Can you describe your brand in 1 sentence? Have you ever seen a meal on the menu a restaurant, but it has no explanation of exactly what it is? Annoying right? You usually move on and order something else. Make sure your mission statement has an impact on the people that are apart of your target audience, also make sure that they don't have to read 3 paragraphs just to figure out what your brand is all about.


I spent about a year, trying think of a name before offiically settling on Rookie Rise. My brand is about people like myself, who have started from the very bottom and worked their way through obstacles to reach their goals. I had to figure out a name to describe that? While thinking of a name, I did the worst thing possible. Every name that I came up with, I would ask 5 to 10 friends what they thought of it. As you could imagine, I got 5 to 10 different answers. It's discouraging when you can't get everyone to agree on a name that you truly liked! But I kept asking for my friends opinions, and it went on for months. Finally I said, screw this. I'm going with the name that I feel is right, the name that I want. The name that symbolizes starting from the bottom and rising to be great. Obvioulsy, I chose Rookie Rise Clothing. I can't stress this enough, do not worry about what other people think. Go with your gut instinct! If you let others make decisions for you, it will leave you with regret, your originality will be lost, and most of all it won't be fun constantly trying to please others with all of their ideas that they have for you. You are the brain of your creation. Keep it that way.


I will start updating my blog as often as possible. I want to show you that nothing is impossible. Take your idea and run with it, Rookie! Well It's 11:49PM Sunday, July 27th 2014. I need to get some sleep! I will have "building the brand part 2" later next month as I continue to build Rookie Rise!


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